Elizabeth has litigated many different matters, in a variety of forums.  A few examples are

  • Feingut v. Excel Bradshaw Management Group, 04 civ 3615 (EDNY 2004) (discrimination claim under with Americans with Disability Act)
  •  Credit Alliance Corp. v. Arthur Anderson & Co,103 A.D.2d 231 (1st. Dept. 1984)(an attack on accountants’ shielding themselves from liability)
  • Aldrich v. Thompson McKinnon Securities,  583 F. Supp. 683 (SDNY 1984), aff’d. 756 F.2d 243 (2nd Cir. 1985) (Securities fraud jury trial, resulting in verdict for plaintiff)
  • Abramov v. Hansell, Index No. 400274/08, New York Court Supreme Court (review of administrative agency decision)
  • Staiano v. B.L. Management, Index No. 1187/07, Queens County Supreme Court (discrimination under Americans with Disability Act)
  • Bivins v. Allstate Insurance Company, Index No. 94789/04, Queens County Supreme Court (suit against insurer for losses)
  • Kew Gardens v. Catalano, Index No. 21638/03, Queens County Supreme Court (defense of cooperative shareholder-tenant against fraud)
  • Techeira v. Commissioner of Social Security, 07 civ 03217 (EDNY 2007) (Review of disability determination)
  • DeJesus v. Commissioner of Social Security, 03 civ 946 (EDNY 2003) (Review of disability determination)

She is a litigator who will fight for you.

Litigation is not always the answer.   Sometimes having a lawyer call , write, or negotiate on your behalf makes all the difference.  If you’ve been trying to recover unpaid wages from a former employer, get satisfaction from a merchant who sold you a non-functioning product, or seeking some other resolution to a problem, having a lawyer write or call can speed up the process.  It tells the other party that you’re serious about enforcing your legal rights.   If you’re negotiating with someone who knows how to “push all your buttons” and make you lose your cool–maybe a sibling or an ex-spouse–getting a lawyer involved can move negotiations forward more smoothly.   If the other party has a lawyer who has been trying to intimidate you, having your own lawyer puts the negotiation on a more level playing field. 

Elizabeth Shollenberger has successfully resolved many clients’ problems without going to court, which solves her clients’ problems without running up their legal fees.