Elizabeth Shollenberger has been the lawyer for candidates in election law matters for nearly 30 years. Much of her experience has been in ballot access–getting her clients on the ballot and keeping them there, in the face of opponents’ challenges, and making legal challenges to her clients’ opponents.  

She has represented candidates at the Board of Elections, at trial and in the appellate courts in ballot access litigation, in post-election proceedings, and in other election-related issues, includin

    • Matter of Tripodi v. Westchester Board of Elections, 111 A.D. 3d 586 (Second Dept. 11/4/2013), affirming 974 N.Y.S. 2d 764 (Westchester Supreme Co.) (prevailing in election law matter regarding electoral map dispute);
    • Matter of Rotanell iv.WestchesterBoard of Elections, 109 A.D.3d 562 (Second Dept. 8/15/2013), affirming 41 Misc. 3d 254, 969 N.Y.S. 901 (Westchester Supreme Co.)   (prevailing in ballot access challenge against a Democratic candidate);
    • Buchwald v. Fusco, Index No. 3940/12, Westchester County Supreme Court (invalidating opportunity to ballot petition);
    • Walfish v. Jaffe, Index No. 21164/10 Westchester County Supreme Court (obtaining an order requiring financial disclosure of campaign contributions);
    • Korff v.Martino, IndexNo. 017975/10 Westchester County Supreme Court (invalidating a Republican judicial candidate’s attempted incursion into the Democratic primary);
    • Luciano v.WestchesterBoard of Elections. Index No, 16907/08 Westchester County SupremeCourt (invalidating numerous county committee petitions)

She has also represented candidates in post-election proceedings, when it has been necessary to ensure that every paper ballot likely to have been voted for her client was opened and counted by the Board of Elections. 

Elizabeth has represented candidates for New York City Council, local legislators in various Westchester communities, and for judicial offices.