Elizabeth Shollenberger has represented many consumers, facing many different kinds of  problems, including: 

  • People who have had their identities stolen and now face debt collectors dunning them for bills they don’t owe
  • Clients who learn of default judgments against them, in which they were not lawfully served (sometimes called “sewer service”)
  • Clients whose bank accounts have been seized or their wages garnished by creditors
  • Clients seeking to resolve old debts
  • Clients who are being harassed by debt collectors who call them names, make late-night calls, or contact them at work

She has litigated against many of the well-known debt collector law firms–firms like Eltman, Eltman & Cooper; Cohen & Slamowitz; Forster & Garbus; Mel S. Harris & Associates, and Rubin & Rothman–and achieved good results for her clients.